New Orleans, Atlanta and other cities in the Southeast are becoming more urbanized and the demand for housing is becoming more critical.  New Orleans is one of those cities that is rich in culture and where historic neighborhoods are reinventing themselves. Kronberg Wall has collaborated with the Redmellon Redevelopment and New Orleans Redevelopment Agency (NORA) for the last three years in the renovation of more one hundred units in historic neighborhoods. In the last two years, twenty six historic houses were renovated with a combination of historic preservation credits and low income housing credits. Only a handful of these houses were in moderate conditions, most of them were in very deplorable condition. Our role as architects was not limited to design and preserve the historic structures but also to navigate the difficult path of Low Income Housing tax credits, Enterprise Green Communities sustainability requirements, Energy Star requirements, Uniform Federal Accessibility Code, Local Historic Board requirements, and National Park Service requirements. This project in collaboration with Redmellon has been awarded the National Trust/HUD Secretary’s Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation, granted to projects that have given new life to their communities through preservation. Our work in the neighborhoods of Treme, Seventh Ward and Central City have helped achieve blight elimination, one home at a time, by reinvigorating dense neighborhoods that preserve their culture instead of mega blocks of social housing that have historically failed in most urban centers.

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